Hopes and Happiness

At Smart Start Kindergarten we understand that as parents, you have many goals and wishes for your child and their future. Ultimately in order to accomplish academic success, your child needs to foster a love of learning at a very young age. They have to feel confident in their abilities and develop the skills required to learn in the 21st century.


When you enroll your child at Smart Start, you will be requested to fill in a Hopes and Happiness survey. This will give you the opportunity to tell us all about your child and what your hopes are for them during their time at school. At Kindergarten age- success and development isn’t all about academics, it’s about learning how to learn, how to share and interact, how to problem solve and think independently, how to express emotions and be confident in sharing information, asking questions and expressing concerns. All of these skills form the basis of the program that we offer and weekly updates on your child’s performance will ensure that you are always kept fully up to date with how they are doing.

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